The operating principle of a peristaltic pump fascinates with its own simplicity and for the benefits it brings. A tube of very precise dimensions, built with different types of elastomers or thermoplastic, it is housed in a special circular seat on the pump body. This tube is compressed by the rotary action of two rollers or skid-positioned at 180 ° on a central rotary. After passing the first roller, the tube recovers its initial shape creating the vacuum and the consequent aspiration of the fluid. The fluid thus aspirated penetrates into the cavity which is formed between the two rollers and, during the rotation, it is pushed towards the exit by the compression of the second roller. The peristaltic pump is therefore a positive displacement pump with characteristics exceptional.


  • Suction height up to 9 m.c
  • It can work dry without damage
  • Without seals
  • Perfect dosage (± 1%)
  • Pressure independent flow
  • Reversible rotation
  • Easy to clean
  • Silent
  • Easy and economical maintenance
  • Ideal for delicate fluids
  • Resistant to abrasion
  • Resistant to corrosion



  • Capacity up to 100 m3/h
  • NBR, EPDM, HYPALON Gaskets



  • OMAC Peristaltic Pump Catalogue (download)