Conquest Equipment



 We provide a complete package of  Orbital   Welding Technology.  Our philosophy is   to  provide the highest specification orbital  welding equipment at the lowest market  price.
                                                      EGMO: MaxPure
We provide the MaxPure stainless steel product line to meet the Pharmaceutical Industry’s production specifications. EGMO ensures your products to be approved with the MaxPure stainless steel fittings line, consisting of high quality components which ensure a faster, safer, reliable and cleaner manufacturing process throughout the Pharmaceutical Industry.
                                                      EGMO: MaxClean
We provide the MaxClean stainless steel valve & actuators to meet customer demands for enhanced hygienic components. These are implemented in processing lines throughout the Cosmetics Industry as well as the Food and Beverage Industry. EGMO is proud to be a leader in industrial innovation, which is reflected in MaxClean’s designs, production methods and technologies.
                                                      EGMO: SCiMax

We provide the SCiMax Flow Equipment to meet the stringent standards and requirements of the Semiconductor industry. SCiMax’s polishing technology, guaranteed Ra, multi-step cleaning system and proven production methods ensure the finest quality products in the market. SCiMax’s policy meets the clients high requirements for safety, suitability, repeatability and high performance equipment.
SED Flow Control
We provide SED Flow Control to meet pharmaceutical, biotech, cosmetic, food and aseptic bottling industry. The products are diaphragm and seat valve on-off function up to the control application. Matched with the valves, an extensive range of mechanical and electrical equipment for monitoring and control is available.