MBS Srl have been manufacturing Heat Exchangers for many year’s. Due to customer demand and changes in the market sector, MBS have developed a cost effective Scrape-Surface Heat Exchanger known as Hercules (H10) which can handle the highest viscosity products allowing the most efficient thermal transfer. The product enters into the exchange cylinder through a special volute which is designed to allow for a product smooth change of trajectory. On the cylinder there is the scraping shaft, which keeps the product mixed and avoids it getting stuck on the internal surface, the rotation speed of the scraping shaft depends on product’s.



  • Low to High Capacity
  • Stainless steel AISI 304/316 (Other kind of materials are available on request)
  • Reliable Heat Transfer with challenging products
  • Simple maintenance
  • Pressure up to 10 bar  (Higher pressures are available depending on utilized connections)
  • Every exchanger is in accordance with 97/23/CE standards (PED)