Conquest Equipment

Control and Monitoring

Based on many years of experience of SED in using and manufacturing of components for process valves, we offer a wide range of automation technology for linear actuators. These range from the simple optical position indicator to our electrical position indicators, which can monitor up to 3-valve positions. In essence, these solutions are based on mechanical limit switches, proximity switches or potentiometers. Our accessories can also be assembled with simple mounting options to other valve brands. 

Manual adjustment

Besides the simple position indicator SED offers a wide range of stroke limiters and travel stops. The function of a stroke limiter is to regulate the opening range of an on/off valve in order to control the low capacity of the valve. An application example is in a filling operation where different low capacities are required and a stroke limiter is applied as the valve may have different low  characteristics due to the manufacturing tolerances. Depending on the application the travel stop is applied if the on/off valve should be not completely close in order to provide a minimum low or to prevent over closing of the working diaphragm for a longer cycle lifetime. 


Product overview